The Schoolhouse Nursery School and Kindergarten

Old school learning, new school feel!

Classes Offered

Little Me & Company

1 day per week - AM

A fun, first school experience for ages 18-36 months. This program provides quality time for toddlers accompanied by adults.  Activities are teacher guided and age appropriate art is inspired by nursery rhymes.

2 ½ Year Olds*

2 days per week - AM and PM

The two-and-a-half- year-old class is a warm and positive experience of personalized attention.  "Play" is very important in this classroom.  Children learn much of what they need to succeed in school through preschool play.  This group begins to learn the fundamental social skills of communication, cooperation, and sharing.

The class enjoys a short circle time including lots of singing, stories, finger plays, sharing time, counting activities and calendar.  They work with shapes, colors, paint, glitter, glue and create with all sorts of objects.

*Child does not have to be potty trained.

**Child must be 2 by April 1st of preceeding school year.

3 Year Olds*

2 days per week - AM and PM

3 days per week - AM and PM

The three year-old program continues to promote children's positive self-image, competence, and congenial social interactions.  Children are introduced to the letters of the alphabet in print, by sound, and by finding objects starting with that sound.  Children are encouraged to learn the letters in their names.  Handwriting without Tears (a multisensory handwriting program) is also used in the three year-old program.  Children are introduced to Count on Math, our hands-on preschool developmental math program.

Age-appropriate artwork is also theme or seasonally based.  We promote hands-on fun and learning that connect our activities to the world around us.

*Child MUST be potty trained.

4 Year Olds

4 days per week - AM and PM

5 days per week - AM and PM

Building upon skills from year to year, the four year old class is an important stepping stone for preparing children for kindergarten.  The program includes letter recoginition, phonemic awareness, and a continuation of Handwriting without Tears and Count on Math. Real world themes are experienced through science, multisensory art, and music and movement.

We focus on independence, problem solving, self-monitoring and complex thinking.  Children learn to take responsibility for their actions and concentrate on tasks for longer periods of time.

3 and 4 year old age groups must reach that age by October 1st.

Transitional Kindergarten*

5 days per week - AM    9:00 - 1:30pm

Growth and maturity are fostered in this class for five year-olds not quite ready for kindergarten.  Transitional Kindergarten can be an invaluable gift of time with lasting effects throughout a child's academic career. 

Transitional Kindergarten covers a variety of interesting themes for your child to explore.  The Creative Curriculum includes cultural studies, community service and drama.  Academic programs focus on school readiness and include:  Reading Mastery, a direct reading instruction program, Handwriting without Tears, and Count on Math.


3/5 days per week - PM

A unique class of creative themes and projects that expand and enrich the your child's curriculum.  Academic skills of handwriting, journaling, reading and mathematics are reinforced daily while investigating science, social studies, cooking, drama, and cultural studies.  Children love to share their learning with parents during special presentations in the classroom.


for 3 and 4 year Olds*

Available 1 - 5 days per week 

11:30 to 12:45

This after-school program extends the school day for two hours after morning classes end.  Multi-age children have lunch together, play, and complete a themed academic activity.  Kindergarteners may come and play for one hour before Enrichment.

*Child MUST be potty trained.

Class times:

AM   9:00 - 11:30am

PM 12:30 -  3:00pm

TK AM 9:00 - 1:30pm