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Mrs. Gleason and Mrs. Kleinman - 2.5 year old T/TH AM

Our busy little 2 ½ yr olds will be busy again in February. We’ll continue to learn about our winter season through our winter friends Penguins and Polar Bears. We’re probably going to need to wear some mittens or gloves on the days we play with ice and snow in our water table…. Brrrr!

We’ve been learning so much through fun and play and we will continue to focus on our listening skills and patience through “taking turns.” With repetition and reminders, many of the children are waiting for it to be their turn. Our friends are doing great doing the Jacket Pokey!! Just ask them to do the Flippy Flop! Please be sure to label all mittens, hats & coats.

The Shape unit has begun! Whoo hooo! We’ve already completed the Circle, Square and just about finished the Triangle then onto Heart, Star and Rectangle next.

CIRCLE, SQUARE, AND TRIANGLE, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square and Triangle, HEART, STAR AND RECTANGLE.

The children have been practicing a wonderful rebus shape song, ask them to sing it for you!

Happy Valentine’s!!! Our Valentine’s Day activities will center on how we can be good friends and show our families how much we love them. Our Valentine’s Day Party will be held on February 10th. We will exchange Valentine’s on party day. If your child would like to participate please send in 12 valentines with your child’s name anytime before the 10th so they can deliver them to their classmates during our party. Please do not address the Valentine’s to any specific child. Do write that it’s from your child. We will be making mailboxes for your child’s valentines. Please send in a large brownbag (shopping bag size)

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!


Feb 17- Lily

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- Square has 4 sides – making our squares

- Triangle has 3 sides

- Painting with Triangles

- Shape review Circle, Square, Triangle

- Painting at the easel with Pink

- Counting to 10

- What season is it? The winter season

- Reading Sneezy The Snoman!


Feb. 17th - Happy Birthday Lily!