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Mrs. Gleason 3 year old MWF PM

Ahhhh Love is in the air in Mrs. Gleason’s 3 Year old class! Our month will be full of friends, family, love and lots of cold weather, BBBRRRRRRRRR Happy Winter!

Our Letters this month include L, M, N, O.

Buddy Bear is looking forward to each and every visit to our friends homes☺ We as a class will enjoy getting to know our Star Students. Schedule is below😊

We have been practicing our names using lots of fun writing mediums.

Our Count on Math unit this month is one to one correspondence and ordering.

We’ll be caring for our teeth for Dental Health Month… SMILE!!

Our Valentine mail will be delivered to our class friends by our class mail carriers on the day of our Valentine’s Party, Monday, February 14th. Please send in 9 class valentines only signed by your child, please don’t address them😊 We will be making mailboxes for your child’s valentines, please send in a large, shopping bag size, brown bag. Thank you so much.

Happy February!!!!!

Xoxo Mrs. Gleason

Important Dates

No School- Feb 18 & Feb 21

Buddy Bear/Star Student Schedule

Jaxon- Feb 4

Luke- Feb 11

Meredith- Feb 16

Michael- Feb 25

Jordan- March 4

Contact Me

Your child is important to us. Please know that I will always make time to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your child.  We can Schedule a time to meet or you can email me at

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support

Weekly Update

Ask Me About...

- Hibernation, Hibernation- It’s a long winter’s nap

- What Season is it?

- Making our Winter Snowflakes

- What is something you now know about them?

- Letter K, Kangaroo, Ketchup, Kite – The Mystery Box

- Who is Jan Brett, what does the author do?

- Hedgie’s Nap by Jan Brett

- Who was your favorite animal?

- Making our hibernation boxes

- Painting with Kooshballs

- Making our Kite

Star Student

Week of Feb. 4th- Jaxon

 Week of Feb. 11th- Luke

Week of Feb. 16th- Meredith

Week of Feb. 25th- Michael

Week of March 4th- Jordan