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Mrs. Sheppard and Mrs. Gnap - 4 Year 4 day PM

We have learned so much in the month of May. Flowers bloomed around us and so did our knowledge of seeds and plants. Learning the parts of a plant was very exciting especially because it all starts from a tiny seed. We put our knowledge into practice by planting pea seeds. I’m sure you have witnessed the healthy, tall pea vines growing by our classroom door.

Releasing our five butterflies that morphed from caterpillars was a lot of fun too. By observing and recording in our butterfly journals we were able to see every stage of their lifecycle. We discovered if things never changed there would be no butterflies. Change may be scary but beautiful! Jumping next into insects, we learned all insects have 6 legs and the same body parts.

In math we covered symmetry, ordering (plant and butterfly lifecycles) counting, writing numbers 1-5 and also the understanding of numbers through counters, base ten charts, tally marks, and number words.

We completed curved letters G, S, J, D, P, B in our HWT program and will end the year with slanted letters: R, K, A, possible M, and N. The children’s HWT books will be sent home on their last day of school along with practice packets. Since they only attended school for a short portion of the year, I encourage them to take time over the summer to complete sent home materials.

Throughout the rest of our school year, I will be assessing your child on basic end of the year preschool skills. You will receive a hard copy of this by Monday, June 7. Typically, this is sent home fall, before Thanksgiving and early spring If there are any question pertaining to the assessment, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am happy to phone conference or meet briefly at a scheduled time after school.

Our graduation is schedule for Friday, June 11 at 2PM. Children should arrive in their classroom by 1:45. We will have a regular week of school that week, 6/7-6/10.

June is a time of year that is always bittersweet for teachers but especially for me. Implementing this new four-year-old class in the start of March has been SO rewarding. I thoroughly enjoyed each day I was blessed to spend with your child. I have learned how resilient and eager to learn these precious children have become. Coming into the game five months behind the other students at The Schoolhouse, these eight students have worked so hard learning classroom rules, routines, academics, and how to make and be a friend. It was evident you have worked with your child giving them a foundation during quarantine. This allowed me to use that foundation and present skills differently, permitting them to gain a deeper understanding. I sincerely thank you for allowing me to work with your child during this uncertain time in our lives. This class will always remain incredibly special to me.

Releasing Butterflies

Making Slime


*Clearly label ALLyour child’s belongings, including masks and supply your child with a standard-size backpack.

*In case of an emergency, please label a Ziploc bag with a complete, seasonably appropriate, change of clothing to be kept in his/her backpack.

*Your child will bring ONE labeled, healthy snack daily.  A lunch box/carrier is not needed.  The Schoolhouse is a peanut and tree nut free school.  Students are asked to place their labeled snack in their own labeled cubbies upon arrival.  We will be providing napkins and water.

*In order to make the most of our classroom time, please make sure your child has used the restroom before coming to school and you have answered the daily health questionnaire.

*Birthdays will be acknowledged as close to the actual date as possible. On this day, your child will be made to feel extra special!  They are welcome to bring in an item from home to show and tell the class about. Please note, we will not be doing a class birthday snack this year.

Contact Me

Your child is very important to us. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. I can be reached at or by phone 856-231-7585.

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*Writing numbers 1-5

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*What is an Amphibian?

*Frog facts-lifecycle

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*Are frogs and toads alike, different, or both?


*Emergent Reader-Bee, Bee (shape book) cont.

*Counting Spiders emergent reader

*Fun Fiction-using our imaginations to answer open ended questions


*Who’s hiding in the grass?

*Frog swims in a pond

*Father’s Day gifts

Next Week: Last class is Thursday, June 10

Graduation is Friday, June 11 2PM (1:45 student arrival)

Graduation Rain date-Monday, June 14

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