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Mrs. Sheppard and Mrs. Gnap - Enrichment

And just like that, June is here! The month of June is bittersweet. I love summer but sad to see the school year end. The Enrichment boys and girls have worked diligently learning so much about different countries, cultures, and artists. Starting in our own community, we then traveled to many places on the map learning to respect and appreciate the differences in the world around us. Diversity takes understanding and it begins with the friends we see each day.

We will be finishing the last of our projects and begin to prepare for the long-awaited art show. The children are very eager to show off the art they have accumulated since the start of the school year.

The last day of Enrichment class is Tuesday, June 7. All art work and projects will be sent home then.

The Enrichment Art Show will be held on the evening of

Monday, June 6 from 6:00-7:30.

Family and friends are welcome to attend.

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Weekly Update

Ask Me About...

Spanish Artist

-Joan Miro was a famous artist from Spain.

-Miro liked to paint with his imagination.

-Joan Miro used symbols and organic shapes.

-What symbols and shapes did you see in your own art?

-What colors did you use to add to your Miro art?


-There are many small islands off the coast of Spain.

-What is an island? (An island is not connected to a continent and surrounded by water)

-What kind of things can you find on island’s beach? In the ocean?

-Have you ever been to an island?


-What objects or people came from America?

-What objects or people originated in France?

-What objects or people were from Spain?


-Adding color to their own interpretation of Joan Miro’s art

-Designing art portfolios