The Schoolhouse Nursery School and Kindergarten

Old school learning, new school feel!

Mrs. Sheppard and Mrs. Gnap - Enrichment

Welcome September! 

 We are so excited for school to start. Mrs. Gnap and I cannot wait to meet our new Enrichment Families. The children will be making new friends and learning important rules and routines to keep our classroom a safe place. As we learn to become a classroom family, we will also learn about our own families and the communities in which we reside. We will look at different maps locating The Schoolhouse and the many different places that surround us. This will lead us into our unit on New Jersey. As we learn about our great state, we will begin to compile all our artwork into journals to share at home.

Along with our September Enrichment themes, we will work on fine motor skills using the Handwriting Without Tears tools and materials.

Science will also be incorporated into our learning day by doing fun experiments.

There’s so much learning to do, we can’t wait for our year to begin.

Important Dates

Meet the Teacher- Wednesday, 9/8 11:30-12

Enrichment Begins-Tuesday, 9/14

No School -  9/16 (Yom Kippur)

First Day of Fall- 9/22


Contact Me

Your child is very important to us. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. I can be reached at or by phone 856-231-7585.

Weekly Update

Ask Me About...



*Community, Maps


*Our Class is a Family

*Me on the Map

*It’s Okay to be Different-Thank you Lucas for sharing this wonderful book!


*Finger Puppet Family-What finger puppet where you?

*Families Are All different


*Describing and weighing random classroom objects

*Heavy vs light

*Ordering shapes-smallest to largest

*Graphing-How many people are in your family?


*Reading environmental print

*HWT building Mat-Man: top, middle, bottom


*Observing different types of maps: world, country, state, town, school

*Locating places on a map

*What is a compass rose? What do all the colors mean?

*What symbols did we use on our large map?


*Painting self-portraits at the easel

*Designing our own house and drawing family members

*Designing individual maps with symbols-what do the symbols mean?

*Me on a Map flip book

*Large group painting with various tools