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Our Staff

The Schoolhouse Nursery School and Kindergarten staff is fully certified by the State of New Jersey.  Staff members are highly experienced in the preschool setting, are a stable group, and receive at least twelve (12) hours of continuing education each year.  Our staff educational backgrounds include: NJ state certified Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Special Education, Educational Theater, and Physical Education.  

Diane Balfour - Director

Kara Weipz - Sponsor/Communications

Debbie Feldman - Office Manager

Nancy Sheppard - Head Teacher

Heather Blum - Teacher

Stephanie Corris - Teacher

Jennifer Eilbacher - Teacher

Paula Gleason - Teacher

Cindy Gnap - Teacher

Jill Kleinman - Teacher

Marianne VanDyk - Teacher

Gail Craley - Teacher's Aide

Karen Kessler - Teacher's Aide

Lori Patrizi - Teacher's Aide

Kate Strax - Teacher's Aide

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