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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Little Me and Company

Age 18-36 Months

1 day per week AM


- Quality group time for toddlers accompanied by adults. Teacher-guided activities.

- A fun, first school experience.

​2 1/2 Year Old Preschool Class

Age 2 by April 1

2 days per week AM or PM

- Warm and positive first independent school experience

- Focus on fundamental skills of cooperation, communication and sharing

- Activities include singing, stories, finger plays, sharing time, counting activities and calendar

- Creative artwork includes shapes, colors, paint, glitter, and glue

​3 Year Old Preschool Class

Age 3 by October 1

2 or 3 days per week AM or PM


- Promote positive self-image, confidence, and social interaction

- Introduction to letter of the alphabet by sight, in print and by sound - use of Learning Without Tears (a multi-sensory handwriting program)

- Math is introduced through our preschool developmental Count On Math Program

- Seasonally-based themes that promote hands on learning and connect activities to our world

​4 Year Old Preschool Class

Age 4 by October 1

4 or 5 days per week AM or PM


- Kindergarten preparation includes letter recognition and phonemic awareness

- Learning Without Tears and Count On Math programs continued

- Read world themes experienced through science, multi-sensory art, music and movement

- Focus on independence, problem solving, self-monitoring and complex thinking

Transitional Kindergarten Class

Age 5 by October 1

5 extended days per week AM


- Invaluable gift of time for 5 year olds not quite easy for kindergarten in an atmosphere where growth and maturity are fostered

- Focus on school readiness skills using academic curriculums: Learning Without Tears, Count On Math, Reading Mastery (a direct reading instruction program)

- Creative curriculum includes cultural studies, community service and drama


4 Year Old and Transitional Kindergarten Students ONLY

- Creative themes and projects expand and enrich curriculum

- Reinforce academic skills of handwriting, journaling, reading and mathematics

- Investigate culture and world events through science, social studies, cooking, art and drama

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